Monday, July 17, 2006

BBQ/Bonfire at the McCormack's

Following the "meet & greet" of the Pastor and his family on Saturday, July 22nd, David and I wanted to have ALL RUSTPROOF over to our house for a Bonefire & Grilling Party.

The Leadership meeting will be over by 3:00pm so we thought if everyone wants to come over about 5:00pm or so that would be great.

I will post directions on the blog later this week. Hope you guys can make it, it has been a long time coming!!!!

Rustproof Leadership

As most of you know, Pastor Dave will be coming to our church next Sunday, July 23rd, to candidate for the Senior Pastor position. There is a time on Saturday morning set aside for the congregation to meet him and his family. I am not exactly sure what that time is, I think it is 10:30am.

Anyway, from 1-3 Saturday afternoon will be a time for leadership of the church to meet Pastor Dave and ask questions and just get to know him and his beliefs, dreams, desires for our church should he be voted in. Rustproof leadership is invited. If you aren't sure who you are, I have given a list to the board and you should be getting an invite this week sometime.