Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Istanbul: Not Constantinople...


Our 2nd DDR Night was a Blast. Even the "Old People" did a couple exibition dances. In fact, Al actually attempted to fill in for an even numbered slot in the Standard Division. For reasons of Good Taste & Propriety, we WILL NOT show you pics or video of THAT foolishness. Instead, please enjoy a couple of these highlights from the evening.

We warmed up three at a time. Several players opted to move up a level. Others tried DDR for the first time. Way to Go!

The Couch Crowd Looks on with Amazement.

Gary Regards the Multitude of Arrows with Contempt. He OWNS them.

Ryan & Jackie make up some ST. Patrick's Day Punch. Thanks, Guys!

Matt Gets it Done in the "Light" Division.

Jackie & Aaron kept in focus to win the "Beginner" and "Standard" Draws.

1:15 am...A bunch of worn out dancers...

Here's a
short clip of some pretty tough competition in the "Standard" Division.
(Video is about 1.7 MB...Could take a minute or two to download.)

Thanks to our Sponsors: Papa Murphy's, Caribou, and McDonald's...and to everyone who threw in a donation. We hope to do DDR at least one more time before summer, so keep checking in.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hey! It's Been Three Weeks...

...So that must mean it's DDR time again.

This Friday Night! At the Coffee House.

What's Different?
  • We're going to start at 7:00 pm. (Al is getting too old for that 2 am stuff)
  • $150 worth of nice prize stuff from these guys....

  • Pitchers of water downstairs...(Whew)
  • It may be warm enough to crank the windows (Double-whew)

What's the Same?

  • Three Divisions (If we get enough entries) Beginner, Light, and Standard
  • Double Elimination
  • Practice Hour (Starts at 7. Tourney draw at 8.)
  • BIG SCREEN ACTION!!!! (Big deal...)
  • Ultramix 3 Songs on X-Box

What's Most important?

  • That you come, and that you:

See you there...