Monday, February 27, 2006

Live: From the Lounge

DDR Night was a Blast!!!

Here's some pics...

As the night begins, a couple Young 'uns school us in the finer points.

The Older Guys give it a whirl.

The Crowd is Captivated by their performance.

The Ladies bust several moves.

The Guys are not as impressed.

2 am: Saturday Morning...
Congratulations to Our Winners.
(Front Row, Left To Right...)
Kranny: Beginner Division
Gary: Advanced Division
Aaron: Intermediate Division

We want to give A VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Caribou Coffee, of Hibbing for their Generous Donation of Prizes for DDR Night.

For a Short Video of some of the Dancing, including our Advanced-Level Winner, Click Here.

(Video is about 1.5 Mb. Slower Connections may take a few minutes. If you can't get it at all, we may have exceeded our daily download limit, and our web storage site is threatening my life again. Try again later.)

And YES, we will be doing DDR Night again.
Friday, March 17
Practice hour begins at 7 pm. Tourney Draw at 8 pm
(Note time change: Al is getting too old for that 2 am stuff.)

Friday, February 24, 2006

New Schedule Available:

Coffee House Managers & Bible Study Leaders:

Here's the New Scedule for March & April.

Click it...Download it..Print it...Live it...Love it.


Everyone Else!

Brave the Blizzard! Come out Tonight & Do the DDR Thing!

9 pm at the Coffee House

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Fun @ Al & Becky's

Hey, thanks to everybody who stopped by for our Cold Weather Substitute Party. We began with the inevitable DDR Madness...

Luke, Jason, & Amber try out a few moves

Lil' Penny Schools Amber & Kranny in the finer points of DDR

Afterwards, Amber takes a bit of a break

Colleen finds a previously undiscovered talent...

The Competition gets a bit heated...(and smelly)

Everyone Breaks for Sloppy Joes. (Thanks to Colleen & Sandy!)

Next, some went back downstairs for more DDR practice.

(For a Video of their best effort, Click Here.)

Meanwhile, a few of us threw our competetive juices into a couple games.

Finally, in honor of the winter olympics, we aired out the theater and screened a double feature. (The Jamaicans lost, the USA won, and Disney made a lot of money.)

All in all, a Pretty Good Night. Thanks for Coming.

Everyone! Don't forget to come to DDR Night at the Coffee House this Friday.

Don't worry is you've never tried it. We'll have a lot of fun practicing, and we'll be sure to have a Beginner Division. (Besides, Colleen & Dave picked it up...Seriously, you shoulda seen 'em)

Friday, February 17, 2006

No Coffee House Tonight...

There will be no Coffee House or RustProof Bible Study Tonight.

It's just too darn cold.

The thought of trying to jump start 5 or 6 cars at 1 am makes my fingers fall off in anticipation of the fun of it all.

Stay home, be warm, be safe, and we'll see you all at our house tomorrow afternoon...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Change of Plans...

With Temps expected below Zero, we didn't have quite the response we needed for Saturday's Side Lake deal, so here's the new plan...

Saturday, Feb 18, 2 pm- 6 pm
Games, Food, & Stuff at Allan & Becky's

We'll have the Crock Pot full of Sloppy Joes, a bunch of Chips & Salsa, and Some Hot Chocolate in the Thermos.

The games will be out, the DDR pads will litter the basement floor, and if anyone is REAL brave, we can still journey to a rink or hill IN HIBBING to get our cold weather fix in. (Seriously, I'll go out if you will...)

So swing on by:
714 Michigan St, in Hibbing

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

DDR Night at the Coffee House

Dance Dance Revolution!

We're setting up a couple of pads, a nice big screen, and we're going to Dance the Night Away.

Here's the particulars:

Where: The Coffee House on the 1st AG Parking Lot

When: Friday, Feb 24th.

Open Practice Hour starts at 9 pm.
At Ten, we'll do a Tournament Draw.
Right now, we're planning for a "Beginner" and "Light" Division, but if talent level warrants, we can have a "Standard" or "Heavy" Draw as well.

We will be using Ultramix 3 for X-Box for the Tourney Games.

Play is for bragging rights, but we may score a couple small prizes, just to keep it interesting.

The Coffee House & DDR Night is open to all young adults. (18-late 20's) We also have Pool, Foos, Darts, etc. so bring a friend.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Live: From the Encounter

Pics & Junk from the Superchic(k) / KJ-52 concert.

The night started with a couple of warm-up acts. The first was roadie with a guitar, whose name I forget. The second was a bit of a punk group called Eleventy-Seven. Even though their name sounded like something Bilbo would say at his birthday party, I liked them because for the last song they did “Blitzkrieg Bop” by the Ramone’s. (c. 1977) I loudly sang along, drawing enough stares from the young fry to force an extended exile in the balcony.

Amber & Doogie Joined us for a while in Fogie Heaven

Seventh Day Slumber was pretty good, and brought an important, sincere message of hope to the crowd. Next, KJ-52 took the stage.

KJ-52 gets the crowd going.

Seriously, I don’t even LIKE Hip-Hop stuff, but he was great. He had the place rocking. Even us Geriatrics up top we’re doin’ the hand-wave junk.

I especially liked one of his lines from the “Mt Dew Song”….
“I like Homestar Runner… Best Web Site Ever…”

Confession: That was actually the only line I understood.

Shattered Assembly waits for Superchic(k) to take the stage.

Then it was time for the Headliners. In the past four years, the young band has just gotten better.Better vocals, better lyrics, just as much energy as ever...

Tricia & Melissa Rock the Encounter: Photo Credit: Lil' Penny

I spent a little time on the floor, went deaf, and joined The Blond back in the cheap seats.

Bottom Line: Superchic(k) Still Rocks.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

HEY! Cheap Skiing!

Breaking News:
Rod Pelkey from 1st AG has arranged for Killer Group Rate at MT Itasca in Coleraine:

Saturday, Feb 11, 2006
10 am-4 pm

Get this: $10 covers lift ticket AND Rental. Seriously. It's not a HUGE resort, but you can't beat the price.

Interested? The Ski Slope would like you to be there at 9:30 to get your gear. If you come late, you can still get the rate. Just tell them you are with the 1st Assembly group.

Here's a Map from their brochure.

You can download it for printing

Rod needs 15 or so folks to make this worth it for the Ski Place.

PLEASE, Leave a comment if you want to go, or email Al.

Car-pooling is encouraged. If you have questions, Rod's number is...(218)259-5081